So, turns out the blog that I was writing…is inaccessible in China. Therefore, I am starting a new blog.  I don’t know how I’m going to inform people of this but… whatever.

Things I can’t get in China at the moment: facebook, blogger, blogspot blogs, pandora, random other things I haven’t found yet

Websites that do work (at the moment): gmail, yahoo, google, this site, my bank site.

So really, everything important works (with the exclusion of facebook)

Anyway, I’m super tired right now.  Which may be due to jet lag, or may be due to training activities all day. But I’m trying to stay up past dinner and dark and all so that I can … stop being tired and all.

Tomorrow we get to spend all morning at the hospital doing who-knows-what for the resident’s visa.  Should be tons of fun.

About to fly out to Beijing


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  1. Nancy Quinn says:

    Hi Abby, You look chic in your traveling garb. What kind of Chinese food have you been eating? Are you suspending vegetarianism? – not meant as a judgemental question, I promise. Love, Aunt Nancy

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