One of the best, and possible also worst, things about being in China is that you get to eat Chinese food practically all the time.  Yay!  Good thing I like Chinese food and eating with chopsticks and not always knowing what I’m eating and stuff.

Weird things I’ve consumed:

Apple flavored milk/yogurt (Affectionately called apple-milk), tofu with beef in it for no reason, pumpkin fries

Also more normal: green beans in brown sauce, eggplants and peppers in brown sauce, and some amazing dumplings that were just phenomenal.

I’m still eating vegetarian, but not really worrying about what’s in my food.  Basically if there’s meat in my food (surprise!) I eat around it.

So… here I am telling you what I eat. Which might be sorta boring. I apologize.

These are the dumplings! They are delicious! Also, the tea in the picture is the most delicious thing ever… it tastes like tea and lemonade and gummy bears and is quite addictive.



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  1. Save some of those dumplings for when we come! What’s the brown sauce like? Lots of soy in it?

  2. Aunt Li-Anne says:

    Yummy pumpkin fries. It sounds so amazing Abby. I know they are so lucky to have you. So nice to be able to keep “posted” like this.

  3. Alyssa C says:

    I love Chinese, but I’d probably get tired of it after a while… Let me know how the whole “vegetarian” thing works around the whole “I’m not really sure what I’m eating.”

    Also…”apple milk.” That just doesn’t sound at all appetizing.

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