Today was Sunday! So, after we went to church in the morning, we went shopping at the local….mall-ish thing. The majority of the basement of the mall was taken up by a store called Carrefour (cross-roads in French [my major comes in handy!]).  It was pretty cool. At least, it was very large and I got lost in it a couple times.

Observations on large Chinese grocery stores:

I’m sure that there is an order to the placement of things in the food section.  I just didn’t figure it out in the first go.

There’s lots of people giving out samples, but I can’t tell what most of them are, and I can’t ask what any of them are.  Well, I might be able to ask but I still probably wouldn’t know what they are.

I saw a man dressed up in a milk bottle costume in the milk aisle.

The chip aisle has basically no normal chips.  From what I can remember, the Lay’s brand had (in order of weirdness): American style plain chips, Texas barbecue chips, French chicken chips, Italian red meat chips, Hot and sour fish soup chips, numb and spicy hot-pot chips (this is the kind that I got.  The title is pretty accurate), lime chips, cucumber chips, kiwi chips, and blueberry chips. These are only the flavors I can remember.  There was no salt and vinegar.

There were about four exits/entrances to the store, all on different sides, different floors, whatever.  No sort of controlled entry system it seems.

Then, we stopped for lunch, and I went to a stuff-stick-joint.  At least that’s what I thought.  Then they took my stuff on a stick and put it in… boiling water or maybe boiling oil? and cooked it.  I accidentally told the lady I wanted la and not bu la, which means spicy.  That was a bad idea.

We had a ridiculous time paying for things because, like most places in Beijing, the food court is based on a payed for card.  Like, you put money on your card, and pay for things with the card.  But…perhaps you need to have a 10 kuai balance or something?  I just kept handing the lady money and eventually she just put it on her card and paid for it with that.  Remind me to go into the automation of paying for things in Beijing and the pros and cons.  I don’t feel like it now.

I don’t have any pictures of Carrefour from this trip, but next time I go I’ll snap some pictures and maybe attach them to a post or a later post.  Anyways.  I think that’s all for tonight folks.

Oh!  and the sky was blue today, a rare occurrence!


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  1. Gramma says:

    Carrefour is everywhere…France, England, massive big places. Sounds like you can get around easily. Love your new site…keep us posted…Love you

  2. Alyssa C says:

    I’m not sure what red meat chips would even taste like. The numb&spicy sounds exciting!

    The card thing sounds vaguely pesky, but I suppose that it would work in the end. Supposedly. I dunno, maybe it’s one of those “better on paper” ideas.

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