Dorm sweet dorm

Happy Tuesday, all!

Not too much going on here in Beijing.  We went out shopping again today, at a store that is much closer than Carrefour, thank goodness.  I got some orange juice.  Like, actual legit orange juice –which is NOT orange juice drink–and some honey for my sleepytime vanilla stash that I have hidden in my wardrobe.

Things have been going well.  We’ve been observing classes the past couple of days, which has been more interesting than some of our training has been. The students are all really nice and inquisitive.  I feel like a rock star, although, unlike my friend Rachel of the pink hair, I am not an international superstar here at TIP.  Our students are mostly adults, so sometimes we get to just talk about how life is different in America and China, and what their lives are like. It’s pretty fun.  We also are forced to get to eat lunch with the students everyday, and dinner everyday, so that’s… fun.  The cafeteria is really loud though, and I don’t do well with loud noises.

Also, I think I might have a spider bite on my arm.  Sigh.  I’ve been marking the edges of the swelling so I can see if it’s receding or growing. I think it’s receding but.. who knows.   I think I’ve got a picture of that somewhere but uh… I don’t know if I’ll post that or not.

And finally, while we were out shopping today, I found a copy of “Going Rouge” which made me giggle a little bit.  Here is a terribly blurry picture of this moment.  We took about four pictures to try to not be so blurry, but to no avail.  I didn’t notice until just now that Akil had photobombed all of them.

Palin' around with Sarah Palin


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  1. Ok, are you putting that neosporin stuff I sent you with on the bite! Is that Akil laughing his head off in the background of the picture? I’m glad you are liking the teaching part. Love you
    PS I’m sending the first care package today… be on the look out

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