Beijing is grimy

So, we’ve been doing practicum in different classes lately.  It’s been rather amusing.  Classes are divided into high, medium, and low according to English levels.  We are doing six days of practicum, two days each in each level.

An amusing anecdote: We were helping with an upper-level class and they were doing vocabulary wall in the class and I happened to overhear one group.  One student was asking what “gooseflesh” is, and the other student told her: “it is a condition in which the hair on the arms stands up due to scared or cold.” I told them that they could also say goosebumps.   That was my contribution

I have more amusing stories, but I rather think that they might not translate well into a written blog. hmmm

Anyways. Fun times going on here in Beijing.  Except the raining cats and dogs bit. We were supposed to go to the summer palace today, but it’s pouring.

On a lighter note, we found a pizza shop that delivers to campus so we had a pizza party today which was definitely awesome.  Things that are on pizza, but not readily available in China: cheese, tomato sauce, olives, feta cheese.  Delicious.


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  1. I really like the photo. Do you know what the sign says?

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