So, apparently, this is a better address to send things to. In the unlikely event that you have already sent me something, I’m sure it will get here eventually.  This just apparently speeds things along.


北京市海淀区 北京大学应用文理学院圆明园校区
ESEC Abigail Rowswell room 3107
Peking University, Yuan Ming Yuan campus
Haidian district, Beijing
P.R. CHINA, 100084

aha! Chinese characters!  maybe print them out or something if you don’t think you can do the freehand.

On an unrelated note, I will probably be blogging about the summer palace, the old summer palace, and the differences between them maybe later tonight? maybe?  There will be pictures! There are also already lots of pictures on my facebook account.


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  1. Alyssa C says:

    Mmmm. Let me know if my letter ever makes its way to you. I sent it…last week? Maybe.

    Anyway. I don’t remember what it said. Probably mostly “I miss you.”

  2. I’ve got the solution….copy and paste the address into a word document, make lots of little labels and then print them off. Cut them out, tape to an envelope and then send lots of letters to Abby.

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