So, I guess it’s about time I update the old blog.  I’ve been so lazy now that we are done with training!  More free time somehow equals getting less accomplished. Anyways.

A song from the South of China

So, the August session ended last Thursday or Friday or something, so on Thursday night, I guess, most of the classes had a big class party.  Since none of us new people have a class, we weren’t really required to do anything for this time period, but I had gotten casually invited to class N’s party.  Even though I had only been in their class twice.  What can I say?  I’m a celebrity in China.

So I showed up to the party which started about seven o’clock in the upstairs of the cafeteria. There was tons of watermelon, pears, and other fruit to be had along with sunflower seeds, candy, and unidentifiable …things.  Then we drew up chairs in a circle, and the singing and dancing began!  Then, it was nine thirty and we were getting kicked out of the building.  So we went to the basketball court and sang Chinese folk and pop songs until eleven o’clock at night.  Though when I say “we”  I didn’t actually know any of the words to these songs.

my lady Damita

It was a lot of fun.  Apparently some songs are games, which is cool.  Perhaps next session I shall learn some songs?  Oh, and then at the end they grabbed their facilitator (Ashley)  and tossed her in the air three times.  That was pretty cool to watch, although I had no idea what was going on and I’m pretty sure she didn’t either.  And then they grabbed me and tossed me in the air.  In a dress.  It was fun.

Anyways, in summary.  The party was a lot of fun.  Even though I hadn’t had an entire month to get to know these guys, I still found the class a lot of fun and extremely kind.  The party made me look forward to having my own class even more. Next session starts September 12! And I’m supposed to be teaching a High class, which is just what I wanted!  I’m super excited.


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