Anywhere I am, I feel I must create things.

This includes sewing complicated, fiddly garments without the aid of a sewing machine.

The front of the corset and the front of the bustle skirt

My big project for the last couple of weeks was making a corset.  I feel it turned out reasonably well, considering I was hand-sewing everything.  This was my first time doing piping (I used strips cut on a bias from a white T-shirt).  Next time I do piping I will be sure not to cut any of the strips too narrow.  Because I did that accidentally, and it was a bad idea.  Anyways, I followed a tutorial on craftster, and used an old blue pillow case and a T-shirt both of which I found in the buyao (don’t want) box, some yarn for the piping core, and some plastic scraps cut from a water jug.  The hooks and eyes I found at a Chinese grocery store, after a bit of an adventure.  Oh, and, all the little eyelets on the back are hand-bound. Oh yeah. I’m pretty excited about the way it came out and am planning on wearing it… sometime. Probably at least at Halloween.

the bustle skirt in all it's glory. Kind of a bad picture sorry.

Other recent projects include bustling a skirt.  I have some pictures of when it was bustled, but it keeps coming out.  Basically, I just did several lines of gathering stitches, but as I was only using threads, they keep popping and then all the draping falls out.  However, I have great plans for sewing some ribbon or excess white T-shirt fabric on the inside of the skirt, threading some cording through the resultant sort of drawstring casings, and then bustling to my hearts content. The skirt can be worn with the gathers in the front or in the back, although when I wear them on the back (as I am wont to do) the pockets are inaccessible.  Which is sad, but not devastating.  I’m excited for getting this skirt under control, as the popping of gathering threads gets rather annoying.

In other news, I am thinking about making a tatting shuttle out of an old pop bottle, and learning how to tat. It looks manageable.  That is, if I can get my hands on some appropriate thread or yarn or something. Which leads to…

…I am diligently searching for a yarn shop in Beijing.  And by diligently searching, I mean that I have been saddened by the non presence of yarn everywhere and have been bemoaning the fact in my head for weeks and today is actually the first time I have made any search for such things on the internet.  (Give me a break! I was on the hunt for a ukulele all last week!) But, I have some good leads from the Beijinger forum and maybe I’ll be able to get off of campus this weekend (who knows?!) as I will probably be tied down of this week with class and PE and staff meetings and lab and mealtimes and fellowship and music club and the like.

I hope to have adventures this weekend…


2 responses »

  1. Alyssa C says:

    Super exciting! You have inspired me to make a corset… We’ll see how far that inspiration goes.

  2. Mom says:

    Of course you have to create everywhere you go! You are the daughter of artists. My Grandma Stiefler taught me how to tat. I used to have a shuttle. I always thought it was a lot like macrame because it is all about knot making.

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