The inside of the yarn store!

Saturday’s adventure: yarn shopping!

Rating of adventure: blinding, dazzling success.  Seriously, I think this was the easiest, least stressful adventure I have had in China thus far.  I had a brief fail with my subway card but worked it out after a few tries.  Then, I got of the subway, followed my map in my head, and found the store right off. It was… pretty cool.

Oh squee! oh the yarn!

I got six balls of purple wool and a big skein of grey cotton.  I think I might make a sweater out of the purple, and I’m using the grey to practice tatting which is… weird so far.  Tatting is an odd sport.  It’s like sideways macramé or something. But I’m starting to get the hang of it.  I don’t know if I’ll end up with a useful end product but so often with crafting, it’s more about the journey than the finished product.  Or lack of a finished product.

Anyways.  Tomorrow I resolve that I might write a blog entry about Sunday’s talent show. I further resolve that I might write a blog entry about Beijing nightlife? It’s possible. I might instead write about my students and how they are getting used to my general weirdness as it amuses me. Something.  Here’s hoping for three days in a row!

Also, I found this cool church looking totally out of place in the middle of China on my way home

Also, I’m picking back up on my Chinese studies; our administrative assistant (general lackey) Ethan is helping me because he is friendly. Today I learned that the only piece of clothing I remember from the clothing lesson of Chinese is pants.  Which is not super useful as I don’t actually wear pants too often.


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