The vocab wall is looking prettier

Not much going on lately, just keepin’ on with whatever’s going on here.

We’re almost done with our first session; just a couple more days left.  The national holiday is coming up soon… Apparently there will be some sort of week-long holiday with stuff going on or whatever.

So maybe I’ll pick up the pieces of what’s been going on? yes? okay.

Things that have happened lately:

Syrena! I miss you already

1) Syrena went back to America.  This is sad as Syrena is awesome.  But alas. We all went out…last weekend? to Lush. There was an open mike night. Syrena and Geoff played “Living on a Prayer” everyone sang. It rocked.

Here comes the bride and all that...

2) We had a mock wedding in our class.  Which was super weird.  But the students seemed to enjoy it. We made Walker and Michelle get married by popular demand.  Walker was quite amusing with the making jokes about the wedding vows. He makes me laugh a lot.  We used a mosquito net for the veil, and sparkly plastic things for the bouquet.  Afterward we had a joint wedding reception for all the classes with cake (Chinese cakes are beautiful and far more delicious than American cakes). We did the cha-cha slide, the chicken dance, and much silliness.  A good time was had by all.

Ethan trying to teach Walker to dance properly

3) We had a dance party on Sunday that was not excited as anyone might have hoped.  The students are… sort of unhappy.  Not my class, my class is awesome.  But other students are chafing against the rules of TIP. I think it’s because of the two holidays during this session, but they sometimes seem quite dispirited.  So we had a hastily cobbled together dance party that mostly only the facilitators danced in but was still moderately amusing.  Also I danced the rumba with Ethan which was highly enjoyable and I can now therefore check “Latin dancing with random Chinese guy” off my life’s to-do list.

Class G love! All the little hearts say how each person can "spread love" in the world!

4) Classes are coming to an end.  I feel like I’ve finally gotten my class to the point where they realize that I am somewhat completely crazy and they have made their peace with it.  They even think my strange mannerisms are oddly endearing! yay! But I’ll have to start all over with a new class in a couple weeks which is sad.  I shall surely miss my lovely class G.


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  1. Alyssa C says:

    Best. Vocab list. Ever.

    Some of the words on your vocab flowers made me laugh.

    So, the wedding ceremony…I’m guessing it was a Western-style wedding for the purposes of cultural education? That sounds super fun. And the cha-cha slide is an integral part of any proper Western wedding.

    • abbyinthebox says:

      Yeah I know right?
      My favorite so far was “sissy.” That was fun. I don’t know where they get some of these words from.
      And yes on the wedding. I am going to loathe the chacha slide even more after this year.

  2. Lancie says:

    “I feel like I’ve finally gotten my class to the point where they realize that I am somewhat completely crazy and they have made their peace with it. They even think my strange mannerisms are oddly endearing!”

    Nothing’s changed. 🙂 Personally, I thought (and still think) your ‘strange mannerisms’ were certainly endearing. You’re a pretty cool person, Abby – I’m just glad they got to know you a bit, like I did – way back in our old high school days.

    I hope you’re having a spectacular time (and from what I read, it sounds like it!)

    • abbyinthebox says:

      Aw thanks!
      I didn’t know how my mannerisms would translate into Chinese culture, but no problems so far!
      ps congratulations on your getting married soon business! all the best!

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