wall, motorcycle, graffiti, 798 district


798, in addition to being our first area code in Medina, is the art district in Beijing.  Amanda organized a small expedition to the art district that about seven of us hopped onto. We only had a tiny amount of failure in getting there, so that’s good.

Mostly I went on a scouting expedition to see if it would be something my parents would be interested in when they come. But it ended up being a lot cooler than most galleries I’ve been to in my life.


wedding pictures in the 798


Basically it’s an industrial sort of neighborhood that’s been turned into blocks upon blocks of galleries and studios, and possibly still some factories or something.  So, it’s pretty cool looking and really fun to wander around the district and pop in and out of galleries and stuff. The “industrial grunginess meets art studio” look makes for some interesting pictures.  We saw lots of couple taking wedding pictures.  We also saw lots of couples just hanging out.  Apparently it’s a hot spot for coupley people.

So, it was pretty cool. In summary that is. I’d go again.


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