Class H classroom is decorated and ready for students!  Going for a “Flight!” theme, and also a letter H theme of course.

Accordingly, we have a hot air balloon explorers door decoration.

Up, up and away!


And airplanes and hopefully balloons and kites for the vocabulary wall.

I especially like the little red and yellow plane

Stars I got lazy on and couldn’t really think of anything super fitting with the theme. So I just recycled class E’s star wall from last session. If you can think of any good adjectives for stars that start with H or something, I would be glad to have them.


Class H stars!

So… yeah.  I had a lot of fun decorating as usual.  Cutting things out of construction paper is one of my favorite activities!




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  1. Alyssa C says:

    Stars are…


    And also pretty happenin’.

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