Well, the new session is up and running.

I still get confused about not being Class G when I look at schedules. I still think I see students from last session everywhere. But I’m starting to get used to my new class.

Facts: My new class is a grab bag of everyone from M- students to H+ students.  Every time I speak, I see a range of emotions from complete boredom to absolute confusion.  But now that we’ve picked class leaders, I hope that some of the higher students will make sure the lower students are coming along.  I hope.

Class H has 33 students and I am facilitating by my lonesome. Which means that I am going to be busy allllll the time.  But that’s okay.  I’m a music major so I’m used to it.

The session started Monday, but didn’t really get running until Tuesday.  The first week has been a bit rough. Orientation Day is always rough.  People are generally still a bit in shock. Day one continues to be rough as you have to spend half of the class explain the syllabus and other lame stuff.  Day two begins to be fun, unless you have a terrible head cold as I did today.

Sigh.  I was zombie for most of the day, but got through it.  I have high hopes for a down-grade to a chest cold by tomorrow. That’s the plan at least.

Tomorrow is Friday! So we’re going to have a little fun in class tomorrow.  I’m instituting a poetry Friday for my class.  Well, more of a creativity Friday.  We’re going to play a game with animal idioms, write and talk about poems, and play charades if we have enough time.  Which we probably won’t.

Oh! and one of my students did an awesome belly-dance for the class today.  It was her speech for why she should be the class Party Planner.


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