I once taught a class called class H
I loved them all, every each
After twenty odd days,
They were all in a daze
But they were really a joy to teach

Before you say anything, I can’t help it that nothing really rhymes with H.

So, we had another poetry Friday, which mostly spilled into a poetry Monday. Running out of time on a lesson for a Friday is a terrible thing.  The idea was to do the song “Down by the bay” as an introduction to silly rhyming, but right when I had gotten them to the point where they were actually rhyming things, Friday’s class was over. So, we had to readdress the subject today and basically jump right into limericks.

I feel certain there is a better way to get into limericks… as the actually sort of following the poem form rate from today was rather lower than the last two sets of poems.

But that being said, we have some really good limericks!

Allow me to share?

There was an old male teacher with glasses
who said: I must wear them in my classes
Some naughty boys
put them in a bucket of oils.
At last he finds them on the grasses.
There is a fox in a house
Who is playing with a mouse
Ask: Can you touch my ears?
No, but you are my dear
I can kiss your mouth.
There was a girl with blond hair.
She likes to travel everywhere
Japan. India. American
China. Thailand. England.
The things she likes best is to share.
-Celia Mo
There was an old man
who has got skillful hands
he made his daughter lots of toys,
which brought the girl joy
he’s not only a father, but a life-long friend.
There is a facilitator named Pip
Who has a beautiful upper lip
She can sing a song.
It’s not very long.
I don’t want her to leave us by ship.

Pretty cute, right? Here are my favorite not-quite’s.

Here is a Walter
Who lives in a city farther
we wanted to drink water
but it didn’t occur
we couldn’t wait any longer
he just wonder
because he wasn’t sure
where to get water
-name redacted
There is a man name Mike
wherever he comes
whenver he dreams
As if he was always jokking!
-name redacted

The rest of the poems fall on a spectrum somewhere between the man named Mike, Hamburgers in a cave, and the old teacher with glasses.


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  1. Hanner says:

    Those are the cutest things I’ve ever seen.

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