The talent show was totally awesome, as per usual!

Take me to your heart!

I left all of the planning completely in the hands of my very capable party planner, Stacey, which was lovely. So she goes to the meeting, and comes back and they decide that they’re going to sing “My heart will go on” and “Take me to your heart” as well as a dance routine.  So I’m like… whatever.  Not what I would have picked but it’ll work.

Hometown songs!

But then! They were practicing during PE and one of my students, Queenie, was like: “My heart will go on is boring and depressing. We should sing songs from our hometowns with English words about how much we like TIP instead!”

So, all of my students divided out by province and made up some little ditties.  It was really cute.  The crowd loooooved it! It worked out really well as nearly all of the students this session are from only 5 provinces, really.  Except for Jack, my class monitor.  He is the only person from his entire province in our class.  Maybe even in this session. Poor Jack.  Me: “Jack! I didn’t hear any Qinghai folk songs!” Jack: “ahm.. yes um.  You know. I’m not a very good singer…”

“We say Guanxi, you say Hey!” “Guanxi, HEY! Guanxi, HEY!”

And then Stacey and her little troupe of ladies did a belly dance routine, which was awesome!  She’s really good! and I had no idea she had a costume with her.  The crowd also continued to go wild.

And we sang “take me to your heart.”  It’s kind of inevitable.

And then, I played ukulele for a crowd of over a hundred adoring fans.  (I say adoring fans, I wasn’t really paying attention at this point.  I was too busy trying to keep my hands from shaking off). I think there might be a video of this hanging around somewhere?  I’ll try to find it for you guys.

Then Nathan played bagpipes, which was a hit. and also loud.

And then the students demanded that the rest of the facilitators do something, so we all went up and sang “Lean on me.”  But then the students demanded that we do a dance, so we put the macarena on and hauled up students from the front row.  A good time was had by all!

I apologize for the poor quality of the pictures.  My camera does not work very well anymore.  Especially not indoors.


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  1. Mom says:

    love this story! It sounds like you had a great and heart warming time.

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