Class H dance party

Lately, we finished up session 41.  Class H was an excellent class, of course.  I made them do evaluations to tell me what was good and what was bad and I had fully 11 people out of my 33 that said that poetry time was one of their favorite parts. yes!

Zhao Yan and I at the beach

Lately, I took a jaunt out to Qingdao, which will be detailed in the next several posts.  I got to go visit my Chinese teacher from Mercer as she lives out there, and generally experience another small corner of China.  Also, the beach.

Lately, it’s started to be November or something…. which is crazy. Four days until the three month mark! Also, November is going to be a wicked crazy month, which I will talk about in another post as well.

Lately, I’ve gotten to the point where I was super excited to go home to Beijing.  Home to Beijing! Without even quotation marks a

Back to Beijing

round home! Along with this wonderful feeling of being comfortable with my living situation comes the inevitable laziness of living somewhere.  I.e, I still need to go to the Great Wall and there are so many lovely places to be explored in Beijing but really…. the sun sets at like, 5:00 here and I’m just sooooo lazy.

This is just a summarization to let you know that I’m still alive after not blogging in an age, really.  Sorry that the post is tera-boring.


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  1. Is that a little interpretive dancing I see?

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