…is going to be a wicked crazy month.

Now, I realize that we are already halfway through November with it being the fourteenth and all, but I’m just anticipating the craziness that’s going to unfold.

Let’s summarize November so far.  I don’t have a class this month, for various reasons, including the fact that we have less than half the amount of students we had last month. So there’s that. So basically I’ve been sitting in a room drawing new posters for the past week and calling it my job.  It pretty much rocks.

Also, I’m popping back in to America for awhile, starting on Thursday. So that’s going to be weird. Going from the crush of people that is Beijing to the wilds of Wyoming will certainly be interesting. At least they both have about the same amount of ethnic diversity!

So I’m going home mostly because of my brother’s wedding on the 20th.  Secondary reasons include the fact that almost all of my relatives will be there, for the above mentioned reason. Tertiary reasons include getting all my Peace Corps paperwork accomplished while I’m there.  Quaternary?  reasons include Thanksgiving, candy corn, hug time, fresh baked cookies, having my own cell phone back, etc.

I’ll be back for about 11 days and then I’m flying back to Beijing, with plenty of time between then and the next session for getting over jet-lag and the weirdness of it all


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  1. Leeanne says:

    So, I miss you lots! I wish I could make it out to the great Wyom to see you. But, I do expect a phone call perhaps!? It is still Monday here so… *moose lick! slurp* 🙂

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