Beer factory time!

While I was in Qingdao (which is starting to have been a long time ago due to my blog’s irrational decision to make it extremely difficult for me to update) we went to the Tsingtao beer factory.

Pip at a beer factory!

Now, if you are a fan of Chinese beer, you may have heard of Tsingtao beer.  If you are not, you probably haven’t.  Basically, since Qingdao, or Tsingtao as it used to be called, was once a German town chilling on the coast of China.  And of course, the first thing the Germans did upon landing was build a beer factory. Naturally.  So the factory has a long and involved history stretching back to the turn of the twentieth century. It was owned by Germans, and then Japanese, and then Chinese but run by the Japanese, and then just Chinese in general.

Old barrels

The museum was pretty interesting I guess. Although we didn’t have very much time left before closing.  Lots of old equipment left over from the original factory. Lots of little bits and bobs in the museum with horrible English captions.  There were some cool ID cards of former workers, some of whom were about 12 apparently.  But I couldn’t get a clear picture of them.  And we got to taste a fresh glass of beer.  It tasted… well, like Tsingtao beer.

Not sure if this is actual beer or not

Apparently there’s a huge beer festival in town in August or something.  As a native citizen, my guide showed proper disdain for such an event that brought hordes of drunken foreigners to clog up their streets and boulevards, but it did sound like an interesting party.

And I found this interesting sign in English and Chinese.  It made me giggle a little bit. And the translation actually made sense, which is a rarity.


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