Incense and temples! oh my!

So, we went to a park of some sort.  I don’t really know where, but we were somewhere.  Some sort of hiking place.

So we start hiking up this hill and we find some Buddhist temples.  Cool! and so we’re sniffing the incense and admiring the architecture and this guy pokes his head out of the temple and starts talking in Chinese.  Luckily I have my excellent Chinese friend with me to talk to him.  He says that I will be an excellent wife and will probably marry a government official.  Because of my nose and forehead.

A gate in the park

Now, we had read about this reading of faces back in August and tried analyzing each others faces.  Luckily the guy in the temple was too far away to notice my “broken eyebrow.”  Apparently the scar in the middle of my eyebrow does not bode well for my future.  Anyways. That was interesting.

Then we met some old guys from Shanghai who were absolutely fascinated by me. Sometimes you meet Chinese people who have somehow managed to never meet a foreigner in their lives.  Even if they live in someplace like Shanghai.  Anyways, they were alright.


Then we went to my teacher’s university and met some Mormons who are teaching there.  At least, I’m assuming they are Mormons as their business card said that they were associated with Brigham Young University and they have ten kids.  Highly suspicious. And I believe that teacher living and working conditions at Qingdao University might be better than ours.  If this whole Peace Corps thing falls through my teacher says she can get me a job at Qingdao University.  I got connections!

The majestic jellyfish.

And we went to an aquarium and I discovered a love for jellyfish.  They’re very ethereal. I kind of want to design a line of haute couture clothing based on jellyfish.  The aquarium also had one of those tunnels where the stingrays swim directly over your head. Pretty cool.

And we come to the final day in which we do things that might be sketchy!  Next post….


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