First, congratulations are in order for my brother Ian Rowswell and his new bride Meghan Cochrane Rowswell!

My brother got married last month! Accordingly, I trotted back to the United States for the ensuing wedding, board game party, chaos, family reunion, etc.

About half of my extended family was there: Grandma and Grandpa Roz from Grand Island, NY, Aunt Li-anne and Jonas from California, Aunt Alaina, Joey, and Bethany also in from Grand Island, Aunt Nancy from Virginia, Ryan and Julian from Georgia/South Carolina, Uncle Eric from NY, Uncle Kurt from Texas, the Plaza cousins and the Young cousins from Colorado. And me… from China. A pretty good showing, I should say! Especially for a short-notice wedding all the way out in Wyoming.

It was great to spend some time with family, especially with so many family members at once!

The night before the wedding, we had a big board game party, which was lots of fun.  The next day the wedding was at 2:00, although the Justice of the Peace didn’t show up until about 2:15.  We had it at this mansion in town, the Warren-Nagle, and it was real classy. Then came pictures and tea-time with so many kinds of cheese that I about wet myself.  Then we all went back to our house for an open house and party at my parent’s gallery.

The next day we opened presents, and sent the newly-weds off to Santa Fe and Taos for their honeymoon.

A good time was had by all.

Other vacation highlights include Thanksgiving at the Youngs’ house in Denver-ish, going to about four different doctors to get my Peace Corps medical clearance paperwork filled out, eating pie for breakfast everyday, reading sci-fi novels to my heart’s content, having access to my parents’ jet tub, doing a little work on next year’s Dragoncon costume, and seeing all my wonderful family.

And half Christmas with my family! Thanks for the new camera mom! (and I’m sure all my blog readers will thank you for the better quality pictures that will soon be here!)

But no snow. Not until the day I left for the airport at 5:30 in the morning, and then only snow from the night before that had encrusted my windshield and needed to be scraped off with whatever I could find in the car.



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