I find myself, once again, standing on the side of some random road in some unfamiliar part of Beijing, completely lost.  Not even lost in that I don’t know where I am, but also that I have no idea how to get back home.

Sigh.  This happens to me surprisingly often.  I find something cool to do in Beijing, realize that no one else would find this particular thing cool, and then set off on my lonesome.  I look up the directions on the internet, usually from a few different places, which I then write down in my notebook, draw myself a little map and then hop the bus.  However, I have a terrible sense of directions.  So, even if I do leave for a concert an hour and half early, I rarely get there on time, if at all.

Case in point! I found out that there was a concert of the Beijing International Chamber Orchestra on Sunday. So I trooped of to Chaoyang district (the nice part of town, or as they say there “Civilized Chaoyang”) with my directions in hand.  I got off the subway and found that none of the streets were named what they should be named. Sigh.  So I walked off in what I thought was the proper direction anyways and got… completely lost.  I didn’t even know how to get back to the subway station.

This is where you came in right? Me, pacing some random road in a hopefully useful direction, about to break down in tears when…on the horizon… A neon sign for the Beijing City International School! ahhhh! (cue angels singing or playing Bach on their oboes) Thirty minutes late to a concert is not too late, is it?  Turns out, it’s not. And you don’t have to pay if you’re that late either!

It was a Christmas miracle…

And then, I called the lady in charge of the orchestra and joined it! yay! So in January I should have some tales about playing in the international chamber orchestra here in Beijing.  They weren’t absolutely fabulous, but lets face it, with me practicing only every once and a while, I’m not really fabulous at the moment either.

Oh I’m so excited!


Oh ps I have bangs now… yah.


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  1. Love your stories! So glad I knew you were safe and sound before I read this. A Mom’s daughter lost in Beijing is a lot to handle!

  2. OK here is an idea for my direction challenged daughter. Get a compass and take your bearings before you go out. Get on the internet and read up on how to use a compass. Remember letterboxing?

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