This session I’m teaching a low class.  Yay!

Class C students

So, basically I’m just going to be exhausted all the time.  Luckily I’m tag teaching with another facilitator, so I don’t have to be in charge all of the time.  Sometimes I can just show up and participate, which is nice.  I’m finding more and more that there is a big difference between just being busy all day and being responsible and in charge all day.  The latter is simply exhausting.

But anyways. That’s where we’re at right now.

Class C students

Day zero went well as we established that all of our students were in fact capable of speaking in English when we had all of them introduce each other to the class, with varying degrees of success.  Day one continued in the same fashion, though we found out that one of our students doesn’t really understand much English.  Sherry was trying to explain “choose” and “afraid” to her for the longest time. But, she’s doing a lot better lately; I sat with her at lunch and we had a good time talking about how to respond to such queries as: “Mind if I sit here?” and “How are you doing?”

Class C students

Today (day 2) I found out that we have another student in our class that doesn’t have a clue of what’s going on. Surprise! We were doing an activity called thumbs up, thumbs down, that allows the students to express an opinion on a statement.  For instance, I will say something like “The South of China is better than the North of China.” Each student will choose to put their thumb up or down according to whether they agree or disagree and then they will turn around to their partner and discuss why they agree or disagree.  Then, usually, I will ask for hands on who agrees, get some opinions from the audience, and then ask who disagrees, same story.  Well, I called on this girl to tell me why she thinks that the South is better than the North and she just…. looked at me…..

… ….

So then I tried to rephrase the question.  Being in a low class means that you have to consider everything you say.  And consider it well.  Because at some point, someone will not understand something that you consider to be as simple as it could possibly be. Sigh.

Finally we got to the point where she told us that she liked grass.

And we all applauded.

It might be a rough month.


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  1. Hanner says:

    Will people applaud if I tell them that I like grass? Because I do. Grass is totally awesome.

  2. I sounds like you are learning a whole lot yourself! This is so valuable. Keep up the good work Pip!

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