So, my sourdough starter has gotten to where it reliably doubles in size everyday.

And…. yesterday I made my first loaf!

It turned out pretty well, although not much of the sourdough flavor at this point yet. I think I need to use a little less starter in the dough and therefore it will take longer for it to rise and will acquire more flavor.  Live and learn I guess.

But, the good news is that it does in fact taste like bread, and not even a bit like crackers or anything.

Amanda also took a video of me explaining the concept of sourdough bread to the world, so maybe I can get a copy of that to show you guys.

edit: I’ve been explaining the concept of sourdough and sourdough starters to people (as well as the concepts of various fermented food and drinks, cheese, blue cheese, etc.) and they’ve been a little grossed out.  Fine! More sourdough for me!

Off to buy more flour tomorrow (Sunday).  Here’s to many batches of sourdough coming soon!


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  1. Alyssa C says:

    There are many posts you have made that made me think, “I wish I could be in China experiencing all these awesome things with Abby!”

    However, homemade sourdough bread may top them all.

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