Three intrepid explorers

Also last weekend, some of us managed to get to the Great Wall! hooray! It only took us four months to get there…

Rachel led the expedition as she was preparing for the great going back to America adventure (she embarked on that this morning. we are sad), and she wanted to be able to say that she’d been to the Great Wall while she was in China for four months. Anyways.

The Great Wall and all that

Some of our crew didn’t seem to realize that what you do at the Great Wall is hike around on the Great Wall and that there is not, in fact, a McDonald’s at the end. And we did reach the end of the Great Wall! It looks just like the rest of the wall, only with a sign that says “No Visitors.”

But it was great to finally see the Great Wall. I feel like I can check something off of my China list now.  Although I’m pretty sure that you can’t see it from space.  You can’t even see the next two miles practically.  Yay for smog!

The end of the wall. Everyone dealing with their disappointment in their own way.


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