Please note the time stamp on the side

I’ve been knitting a fair bit lately, and wanted to share some finished objects with you! And I would also like to state that I only have one UFO (unfinished object) hanging around at the moment, even.  That would be my map of the world project which I fully anticipate taking more than a year to do.  I’m not really worrying about it at present.

So, I finished up the socks that I started back in August.  If you are a follower of my pictures on facebook, you may remember this one.


Here are the finished socks.

I also finished up a cardigan. I actually followed an entire pattern for this guy! I only ended up changing the length of the ribbing on the bottom and the sleeve cuffs.  Oh, and working the sleeves from the top down instead of the other way ’round. And I set them in instead of seaming them. But these are all minor changes.

Cardigan time on the great wall

Anyways.  Couldn’t resist getting a picture of me and my cardi at the Great Wall!


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  1. Gramma says:

    Love the look on your face in last blog….seen that one many times on your Mama’s face….Hope Christmas will be fun in a new way, with your new friends….Is it likely some of them don’t even celebrate Christmas?….Maybe a Holiday linked to Winter Solstice? We read everything you put on blog or FB…Miss you and Love you…Gram

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