Christmas has come and gone and brought, among other things, a wave of laziness. Particularly about blogging.


So it was pretty fun, a little weird.

We had a potluck here at the homestead. I made challah bread and sourdough bread and latkes and applesauce.  We had a feast!


And we had a secret santa gift exchange, in which I received a lovely scarf from my partner.  We also had a whit elephant exchange in which I got some chopsticks. My students also got me an awesome scarf. So lots of scarfs all around.

The internet’s been in and out lately. So I’ve been cleaning my room a little (gasp) and reading The Secret Life of Bees. I just finished it this morning. And… I don’t know. Bumming around I guess. Having a sort of chilled out break.

But, today’s New Year’s Eve! I think we’re going to go out tonight! funtimes!

Our sweet little tree


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