prayer wheels

It’s important to go to all the important place in Beijing, yes?

And, if it has a subway stop on line two named after it, it most be important.

So, six of us braved the cold (this is also becoming a common theme) and visited the lama temple.

some kind of building or something

Unfortunately you are not allowed to take pictures in the temples, and I didn’t want to be disrespectful, so you guys don’t get to see the pièce de résitance: the enormous sandalwood Buddha. It was like, three stories high. Pretty cool. Perhaps you can look it up online?

But, it was a good day for taking outside pictures, (the sky was actually a shade that could be called blue) and they had a couple of little museums of sculpture and stuff.

a wee little bell hanging from a rooftop

The atmosphere was amazingly tranquil. I rather enjoyed it.  Many of the temples had little bells on the eaves, which rang in the (rather stiff) breeze. The smell of incense was also all around and there were cute little monks scurrying around in their cute little monk robes and nobody at all was shouting into their cellphones.  I rather liked it.

awesome little bridge

This temple excursion was a very nice change from what is going on at our place.  This chaos is a picture of the bathroom that’s currently being demolished and rebuilt.  They started Christmas Eve, and have been working on it every single day of every single week since then starting every single day at about 7:30 am. And, have I mentioned? My room shares a wall with the bathroom.  So the jackhammers resonate in my wall and add up to a lot of terrible.

Behold the terrible:

Demolition: day one


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  1. Gramma says:

    So happy to see you back on “blog” What a mess in the bathroom…….you are right! Do you have another one close to your room?…or do you have to go a distance to find one? When we were little kids, there was always a pail under the bed, in case you got caught short with someone occupying the bathroom…(TRUE)
    And the Orchestra definitely sounds like it will fill a nice social place in your heart as well as being musically stimulating. You are amazing…just heading out on your own to do things…Hope your teaching days are fun and your new friends are warm and caring…Love you…Gram<3

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