We tried to go ice-skating... but failed due to language barriers and lack of money. So we went mock-skating, aka sliding and falling!

Nothing to report at the moment.  Beijing is never boring, of course, I just haven’t done anything out of the ordinary lately.  I haven’t even left the compound much because it’s just so depressingly cold out.  Then again, it’s also sometimes depressingly cold in my room too.  Just makes you want to curl up with your blankets and a nice warm cup of hot cocoa and an episode of the X-files…


More "ice-skating" activities

oh yeah! We have internet on the girls’ side of the hallway now, which is magically wonderful.  Amanda and I set it up with some help from Michael, our unofficial Chinese techie-guy (“Amanda, where is the roooter?”) and now I have all sorts of happiness.  I can watch X-files in bed, I can look up recipes from the kitchen, I can skype people from the privacy of my room, I can listen to Pandora when I shower (or take bucket showers as my hot water heater continues to be all different kinds of broken lately)… the list goes on and on!

I knitted a face mask... all the rage here in China.

We’re starting a watching, or rewatching for some, of Firefly, which is just the thing for cold winter nights when you don’t want to go outside. And I’ve been educating the populace on steampunk and dragon*con and all things geeky. Doing lots of knitting and teaching people to knit and crochet… If I were at home I’d be reading all the time, but our community bookshelf is full of lameness and Jane Austen, so mostly I just watch the X-files. (edifying, I know!)

That’s about all though! Just… staying inside and staying warm.


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  1. I recognize that huggermugger! Would a Kindle work in China? Natasha got one and is taking it on board the ship.

  2. abbyinthebox says:

    I think so. The two girls in the picture above both have kindles. I think maybe you can use them but you might not be able to use all of the features….
    But they don’t smell like a book! sigh.

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