Because of Chinese New Year coming up, we have an 18 or so day break!  Yay!

Because of Chinese New Year coming up, it’s extremely difficult to get train tickets to travel anywhere.

Believe me I know. I stood in line from 7:15 until 11 something and DIDN’T get tickets.  and it was cold.

Also, a two week whirlwind tour of China would likely cost more than I have right now in my Chinese bank account.

So, all told, I think I will be staying in Beijing for (most of) this holiday.  Accordingly, my friends and I are all coming up with things to do for the break. I present: my list! In no particular order except for the order in which I originally wrote them down:

  • Go to temple fairs
    After Spring Festival, apparently all the parks in Beijing have parties or something. I think they’re all pretty different and there’s one in our local yuan ming yuan… so I’ll probably at least go to that one.  Besides that, well, we might consider going to some others depending on the cold.
  • Eat at the Ganges
    We have an Indian restaurant in town, and peas and cheese is calling my name.
  • Go to museums
    Again with the cold being a consideration, I intend to look up some indoor activities to add to the repertoire.  I hear there are museums in Beijing.
  • Go to the minority park
    Apparently there is some sort of park in town where they have representatives of all the minorities and dancing and costumes and stuff.  Could be cool.  You can pretend to leave Beijing with out ever having to leave.  Even if you wanted to.
  • Buy new dresses for Spring Festival
    Check. Accomplished.  I think it’s cute.  Now to work on buying new unders? Probably not going to happen actually… oh well. at least the dress will be new.  It’s not like were actually having a proper Chinese New Years as I suppose you’d have to be more Chinese for that.
  • Read the 100 ideas book
    There’s this book with lots of lesson plans in it.  We sell it to the students to take the TIP experience back to their classroom.  I should probably at least know what’s in there.
  • Finish January socks
    There’s this thing: the self-imposed sock of the month club.  You knit a pair of socks every month. I need to finish up my January pair.  and take pictures.  and show you the pictures.
  • Celebrate Bob Marley’s birthday
    It’s coming up! February 6. I hear there are cool reggae bands in Beijing.  Amanda and I are going to see what kind of mischief we can stir up.
  • TIP Spring Festival Party
    I’m sure something will go down.  Maybe we’ll cook dumplings?  play mafia? who knows.
  • Buy my park pass for February
    I forgot in January 😦
  • Go to Xi’an
    We’re going to go to Xi’an for a few days! (Emily, Michelle, Dan Barker and I)  It’s important to get out of Beijing for at least a few days.  What’s in Xi’an, you might ask? Well, the terracotta warriors for one thing, and this guy!

    This is Jacky! He was an AA last session. We like him. He's a lot of fun.

    Also, we’re going to stay in a hostel, so maybe there will be cute boys with cute accents there.  One can only hope. I’m hoping for French boys and Emily is hoping for Spanish boys.  I don’t know about Michelle.  I don’t think Dan Barker cares in any direction. Although considering it’s the middle of winter and close to the Spring Holiday, who knows?

Anyways… the fireworks have started going off with even more frequency lately, so Spring Festival must be near!


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