Happy Chinese New Year’s Eve! Hoorah!

Year of the Rabbit! Hoorah!

Yesterday we went out to Yuan Ming Yuan and got our February park pass, so expect the steady stream of park pictures to resume. The park has already started their temple festival, so we also went to go check that out. It’s called the Imperial Ice Festival.  Snazzy, huh? There were lots of little booths with random stuff going on, and sledding for the kids, and ice skating, ice scooching, and ice-cycling, and falling on ice if you’re me.

Also lots of red lanterns! and a festive atmosphere!

And there was this guy making umm…. blown sugar animals or something? We were mesmerized for maybe an hour. It was really quite interesting. We think that it has something to do with the Chinese zodiac.  So I didn’t get one because I’m a lame old snake.

Oh, and you know those little donuts with sugar on them that you can get at the end of a Chinese buffet line? I had some.  They were pretty awesome in person.  And the sugar had sesame seeds in it.  Surprise!

Tonight we’re going to celebrate Chinese New Year here at the camp.  I’m making bread (surprise!) and candied sweet potatoes Chinese style.  I hear there are going to be dumplings too! yum. Will report back with a full account.

Also, the fireworks have started going off practically nonstop since this morning. And not even wimpy little sparklers.  Apparently you can just buy legitimate fireworks on the street.  I wonder if anyone in our crowd bought some for tonight?  I shudder to think.

Anyways.  Happy New Year! 新年快乐!


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  1. Georgia says:

    Dad and I thought those might be blown sugar! I would have loved to see him in action. I have never heard of blown sugar. The are beautiful. I love the way the light goes through them. I would make an art instillation out of them.

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