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We went ice skating Friday.  We had already scouted out the location and procedure almost a month ago, so we knew the drill.  First you get your small green ticket with the time on it at window #1, and you give the nice man your 200 kuai deposit.  Then you go over to window #3 and tell the nice man your shoe size, get your skates and try them on, go back to window #3 because apparently you don’t actually know your Chinese shoe size and a get some skates two sizes smaller, try them on, see that they are nice and tight, and make your way to the ice.  Then strap on your skates and go! Or, if you are Dan Barker, go back to window #3 for a third time to get even smaller skates.

Then you’re off, whizzing along in the cracked, pitted, and filled with rough spots ice.  I was surprisingly good at ice skating considering I haven’t really been since I was about six.  I do remember being good at it at six as well though.  But, of course, pride goeth before the fall.  I am the only one who completely bit it. We were chatting and skating right at the end, talking about finishing up when my left two hit a rough patch and stopped.  My left toe stopped, but my body didn’t.  I found it a moment later sprawled on the ground. I got up, decided I needed a short standing still, watched the dark clouds come and go, listened to the volume on the world go down…. and then we decided it was time to go.  I’m okay.  I didn’t actually pass out… It was just like giving blood, only without the nutter butters at the end.

Also, it’s been quite a bit warmer here in Beijing.  It’s been at least above freezing the past week. Right now (Sunday afternoon) it’s 46 degrees Fahrenheit according to my computer’s weather widget. It’s been lovely.  And while my parents in lovely old Wyoming have been complaining of 20 below zero without windchill factored in, I’ve been stripping down to just long underwear, pants, two shirts, a cardigan and a jacket! It’s been really quite lovely.

I finished my January socks.  They’re alright.  The yarn I used for th body is not quite the same weight as the heel, so there are some unintentional holes where they connect but whatever.  I also ran out of green yarn for the heel on the second.  But they were just an experiment in adding a random lace pattern into a basic sock.  Merely an exercise to keep the skills… skillful. I’m very excited about February’s socks.  Here are some words: Valentine’s day, illusion knitting, burgundy, navy, hearts, excited!!

We’re headed to Xi’an tonight.  I don’t feel mentally prepared, but that’s half the fun of it.

I’m making headway on the list I told you about.  Went to two temple fairs, ate at the Ganges (so worth it!), bought dresses, finished January socks, am celebrating Bob Marley’s birthday right now by listening to my pandora station to the effect (won’t be able to go to the reggae concert because of the going to Xi’an), will be going to Xi’an tonight, had a Spring Festival party, got my February park pass.

I also added: work on memorizing RVW concerto like a big kid, get a lamp. Still haven’t: gone to any museums, gone to the minority park, read 100 ideas.  So pretty good so far.  It’s been a good break.  I’ve also watched many many episodes of the X-Files, but that wasn’t on the list.

I guess that’s all.  Expect some blogginess about Xi’an in the near future.


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  1. Georgia says:

    I love to read your blog! You have a way with words……I think journalism is in your future. Have fun and take care in Xi’an.

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