The second day was a little less jam packed than the first day. We did a fair bit more bus riding than we did the day before, so it wasn’t quite as tiring. First we went out to a Tang dynasty castle a little outside of town. It had a nice square and some random stuff hanging around like horses and hot air balloons, which were apparently built just last National Day. The castle walls were pretty cool looking from the outside. They looked… old. And there were small children flying kites in the square. We saw a tiny part of a Tang era reenactment, but, like usual, we only caught the tail end. This will become a common theme for day two. But, I got to see a breif glimpse of their costumes (pretty sure they weren’t using period fabrics). So we wandered around there and talked for a bit before heading back to town at which point I think we might have eaten cold noodles? Or maybe that was another day. It all seems to run together after a point.

The next thing that I have pictures of is the temple fair at the little goose pagoda. The little goose pagoda apparently had the top of it shaken off in an earthquake sometime ago, which is why it looks like it ends a little abruptly in the pictures. Anyway, we did a lot of wandering around this park although, I think I might have been a little grumpy for most of it as I really don’t think we had eaten lunch by this point after all, and it was like, three in the afternoon. I don’t know particularly who might be reading this, but if you’ve ever hung out with me, you probably know I get grumpy if I don’t eat. But, I did listen to a guy singing and playing some sort of Chinese banjo, and that was cool. Then I saw a guy playing something similar to a bombard, and I waxed poetical about oboes and unencapsulated reeds and such. There was also a big bell to ring, snacks, tightrope walkers and bicyclers, and tai chi performances! All in all, one of the more exciting temple fairs I’ve been to.

The evening of second day, we went back out to the city walls, but this time we actually climbed them! It seems that the wall-top park also has a temple fair (sort of) and it’s one of the biggest ones. So we climbed on up and saw what we could see. The wall was filled with all sorts of light displays to celebrate the New Year, as well as animatronic people showing the history of Xi’an and the Tang dynasty. There were also lots of rabbits and red lanterns (which I just find so photogenic. I probably have hundreds of pictures of red lanterns just hanging around). And! A candy dragon! And a candy pheonix! Sweet! The also had a drum show, which we only caught the tail end of. Sad.

It was nice to stroll around and learn more and more Chinese history!


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  1. Alyssa C says:

    hungry abbys are unhappy abbys

    But that phoenix is awesome!

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