The Beijing Weather Modification Office has caused it to snow!!!

Twice, in fact. I found out through facebook (isn’t it great to be living in the future?) that it was snowing in Beijing and that I was, in fact, missing it as I was in Xi’an at the moment. Not that it wasn’t also snowing in Xi’an, but really that’s beside the point.

So we missed the snow.

A few days later, though, it snowed overnight, while everyone was asleep. Just like clockwork, five or so inches. Suspicious, I traipsed around the internet looking for the answer I knew was likely to come. The government made it snow. Typical.


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  1. Alyssa C says:

    I would just like to point out that the Beijing Weather Modification Office (and the whole concept of government-paid weather-fairies) sounded so ridiculous that I was sure you were making it up.

    According to Wikipedia, you’re not.

    …China’s pretty special. Or something. I can’t come up with an accurate adjective for how I feel.

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