I never thought that I was obsessed with salt and vinegar chips. Until I came to China and lost ready access to them. I never wanted them so much when I could just go to the store and grab some, or not grab some as the case often is. There are no salt and vinegar chips in Beijing. The only times I’ve been able to get my hands on them is when I got Amanda to bring me back a bag from the States. And I made that bag last two weeks. I also sent some one to fetch me some when they where going to the Western Imported Food in far-far-away-land around Christmas time, but then when I opened them, they were not actually salt and vinegar flavored. They were pretty much regular flavored with sort of an aftertaste of paint. And I was so excited because they were those Boulder kettle chips that are so crunchy and tasty. But then they were paint flavored.
It just doesn’t make sense. There are far more flavors of chips here than anyone would ever need, and half of them are completely ridiculous flavors like blueberry or cucumber.
It just doesn’t make sense! Chinese people love vinegar! They love it! They cook with it, they dip dumplings in it, I’ve even seen Chinese people drink their leftover dipping vinegar. If you said to a Chinese person "Here is a potato chip that taste like vinegar," they would squee ecstatically!

Unnecessary chip flavors that I’ve seen in China: Italian red meat (Lay’s chips in blue packaging the exact same shade as salt and vinegar should be), Texas barbecue, American style (regular), potato flavored (not to be confused with regular, these are actually potato flavored), spicy hot pot, hot and sour soup, fish soup, blueberry, cucumber, and lemon tea

Chip flavors I have not seen in China: Salt and Vinegar.
<end rant>


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  1. Hanner! says:

    I never would have thought that Velveeta “cheese” (placed in quotations because I can’t shake the feeling that it’s probably closer to plastic than cheese) would be the thing I would NEED NEED NEED from America…but it has been. And Jolly Ranchers.

  2. Georgia says:

    Abby…don’t you see this is a business opportunity for you!! When you get back to WY you need to contact Lay’s!

  3. Aunt Li-Anne says:

    Ohh. I would miss them terribly too. I hardly ever ear chips but when I do that’s my flavor. I guess at least you’ll have something to look forward to when you come home. Commiseratingly yours
    Aunt Li-Anne

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