Life update!

As we talk about the onset of Spring, perhaps I should finally post some pictures of the park under a blanket of snow. Mmm. yes.

So, how are things going, Abby? Pretty good. The weather’s been turning towards Spring.  It’s still pretty cold, and it’s been awful windy, but there have been days where I venture out without my long underwear, and one day even where I went out with out a jacket.


How’s the new session? Kind of weird.  We only have 35 students. So… I don’t have a class. sigh. But, since I somehow have some sort of position of responsibility, we’re trying out some new and different things this session.  For instance, we are trying micro-clubs.  Because we can. And because I said so.  Therefore, my club of six people, and

So long, Class F!

Emily’s club of six people, and one random extra person got to actually dye Easter eggs yesterday! You can’t do this with 75 people in a Holiday club. As long as we have a minuscule number of students, we might as well have fun, right? They each got a hard boiled egg, some wax crayons and the choice of red or orange koolaid dye.  It was fun, I think.  And, we’re going to have evening activities.  Tonight is craft night! Who’s excited? We are doing origami, drawing, coloring, paper cutting and quilling!

Any shake-ups at TIP lately? Well,  Mark and Alicia and Akil all left at the end of last month, which is very sad.  They definitely brought some life to our party, and will be sorely missed. And no more swing dancing for me 😦

February socks! They look better in real life.

So what’s coming up next for the adventuring Wombat? Glad you asked.  I’m very excited about this next week as we have many interesting things going on.  Tonight is arts and crafts night (I’m probably going to be in charge of quilling). Tuesday night is orchestra practice. Wednesday we’re having movie night, Thursday we’ll have our Saint Patrick’s day carnival (I’m in charge of bowling and providing tons and tons of Celtic music). Thursday night is more orchestra practice. Friday night is board game night. Saturday is an orchestra concert! Sunday is an orchestra concert! and an orchestra concert after party! woot! exciting week! And, everything exciting this week happens after noon! Special Projects is not so bad after all sometimes. March seems as though it will trip along in similar fashion.  Hopefully at the end of March I’ll take a trip somewhere in China, then April, May (My birthday!), June, and then parents coming to China… lots to look forward to.

Dye pots in my shower

Watcha been knitting, knitting cat? Well, I’ve been doing a lot of knitting, and also some other knitting related activities.  I finished my February socks, and my March socks are going to be super exciting.  They aren’t going to be socks; they’re going to be boots! I’ve been working on the epic map of the world project and have finished America, with the notable exception of Alaska, and am making my way through Southern Canada.

Yarn drying in the bathroom

Also, drying in my bathroom right now is some yarn that I dyed with the leftover koolaid dye from yesterday’s egg dying excitement. It looks like a sunrise.  I don’t know where it will make an appearance yet, but make an appearance it shall. That’s about all for the knitting side of things.

So, life is pretty good. I found a new dumpling shop today, and I am fat and happy.


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  1. Mom says:

    You should send Maestro a picture of you music stand as a yarn winder!

  2. Alaina says:

    Hey! Abby looks like you are in for a fun week. Spring is coming to Buffalo-Niagara region as well. The slow melt means for a lot of mud. On the bright side, Bethany will be riding her 2 wheeler again, when she wears her mittens.

    We miss you and think of you often on your adventure across the world. We pray for you often. Bethany asked if you got hit by the big wave. I told her Japan and China were different countries, but I don’t think she quite gets it.

    The pictures are wonderful. Have fun with crafts tonight.

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