The orchestra concert went well last weekend!

And I even had some friends from work come along at one point.  And, apparently, we raised 30,000 yuan for the Japanese Red Cross.  I think the Japanese ambassador was there one night, even.  Some important looking guy that people kept speaking Japanese to, in my mind, he’s the ambassador, he might not actually be.

I think I’ve probably mentioned this before, but it really doesn’t matter how good of an orchestra we are (we’re not super good), it just makes me happy to be playing in an orchestra again. Having orchestra once a week makes me a more sane and balanced person.  Even though it looks like I’m going to miss the next two orchestra rehearsals due to travelling. But that is a story for future blog posts, eh?

I’m super excited for upcoming orchestra wonderfulness; next concert we’re playing all Mozart! Mozart rocks! And then I hear that there might be an orchestra trip to Tianjin? Sounds excellent.


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  1. Mom says:

    Thanks for the post! I enjoy seeing the orchestra pictures.

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