So, I finally managed to pin down some future travel plans (by way of buying a plane ticket back to America), and things are kind of falling into line on that front.  So, without further ado, I present you my schedule until July!

Today is April 27, it’s a little after noon. I plan to eat lunch at the Ganges with Emily, and then get to packing.  Besides that, plans include knitting, and chilling to recover from the session that ended yesterday.

Tomorrow Amanda and I are leaving in the afternoon to board a train to Xining, Qinghai province. If you would like to look that up on a map, you may. It’s in the Western part of China, so that should be quite new and exciting. We’re going to visit some students in Qinghai (Amanda’s former students, I don’t really have any in Qinghai), go to Qinghai lake, which is the largest something-or-other lake in China, see Bird Island (lots of migratory birds and stuff). Then we are going to Gansu province which is right next door.  We’re going to see (probably) the largest Tibetan monastery outside of the restricted areas, maybe some cave paintings, grasslands, nomads? Tibetans? Muslims? and more students!!

Hmm. Then May session will start on the 7th/8thish. Life will continue as normal at TIP.  We have a set of orchestra concerts the weekend after session ends (I think, something like that). Not much special about that… I’ll be in charge of the Olympics though I think. eep!

After May session, and after the concert sets, I’ll head down to Guangxi to visit my ex-student Sarah and see the beautifulness of Southern China. (Poor dear Sarah… I told her I was probably going to come in January, but couldn’t because of Spring Festival, and then I told her I had a ticket to come in March, but then I missed the train and didn’t come.  I feel so bad for dashing her hopes over and over. I WILL go to Guangxi in May. I will I will I will. If I miss the train, I will simply get on the next train. I will come!) I’m planning to go to Guilin, Yangshuo, Yulin (where Sarah lives) and possibly Dragon’s back rice terraces? If I have time.  Maybe I’ll fly down to maximize my time there particularly as it’s my last chance for travel.

Then, June session.  Most of our staff will be gone and it looks like we have a whole lot of students coming. We’ll see how that works out although I think it will probably end in exhaustion for me.

Then! Big news! I’m flying back to America July 2nd! Just bought my plane ticket yesterday! I’m going to be flying into Seattle, and I’m going to hang out with Emily and Tiffany! We’re going to have fourth of July together probably! woo! (Although I learned today that the Seattle naked bike ride is not in July, disappointing [although considering I didn’t know there was one until Emily told me about it today, I really have no reason to be disappointed {not that I’d be participating or anything}]). So that will be fun. I’ll probably stay there less than a week? and then I guess I’ll be heading back to the big Why-O sometime, somehow.  Haven’t actually planned that part yet.

And then on to Africa? I wish the Peace Corps would go ahead and process my stuff!


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  1. Mom says:

    I hope you get to see the rice terraces! I love the way they look from an aerial view! Do you have a traveling buddy for that trip?

  2. Yay plans! Everything sounds exciting. Hope you enjoy all your adventures. If you find yourself in Georgia sometime between Seattle and Africa, do let me know 🙂

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