Large indoor spaces with few people in them.

This one hit me on my way to orchestra practice Tuesday.  I walked by a snazzy hotel and caught a glimpse of the lobby. It was a huge room, with nobody in it.  Alas, the definition of personal space, or even how much space should be allotted per person for capacity or chairs or whatever is much different. Everywhere you go is just super full of people. Always. Even at 11:30 at night. Even at 6 in the morning. Always.

I don’t usually care but you know, space is nice…

Like this one time when I was on the subway, and it was really crowded, and I couldn’t even hold on to anything because it was so crowded (but I’m pretty good at subway surfing). And I was surrounded by 6 foot + giants, and my stop was coming up. I tried to shoulder through, but no luck. I headbutted their elbows a little, but no luck.  Finally I just stuck both hands through and sort of dove out of the subway. People just don’t notice you. If someone gets in their space they’re just like… whatever.

How do you say “excuse me in Chinese?” *elbow them aside*


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  1. Mom says:

    Abby in Wyoming’s capitol …..ahhh….. the Big Empty is calling you! You need space? we’ve got it big time!

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