The Birthday was a success! I’m now 22! I still only have two and a half 12 year old molars! I’m still in China! I’m still the youngest facilitator.  But I’m 22 now and I have been feted!

It's a piece of cake to bake a pretty cake!

The day started off on a lame note with computer lab at 9 in the morning, but make a quick up-swing with a skype chat with Sherry Chan (over Donna’s shoulder), and the baking of a cake.

Then, I went to our Class A classroom as I had been informed that I should come to class for a mysterious mysterious reason at 11:30.  Then we had cake! and I got a crown! and the class was so, so, so excited.  “Thank you for having a birthday Pip, we get to eat cake!” I was in so many pictures…. no more pictures for the rest of TIP? maybe not…

Then we went to lunch and all of TIP sang Happy Birthday to me!

Then we had a staff meeting… boring sauce.

Then we ate the cake that I had baked (2 cakes in one day! Excellent!) haphazardly in the living room.

Then I worked on some Olympics stuff…. lamesauce.

Then we danced for PE, our Talent Showing is going to be awesome!

The cake I made

Then someone was grumpy at me for no reason and I had to take a long hard walk in the park to detox. And then I was homesick.

But, then there was Indian fooooooooood! yum yum yum yum yum!

All in all, an excellent day.

And the best thing about birthdays in China is that it is still my birthday in America! Day and a half birthdays!

And the salt and vinegar chips from my birthday package from my parents are soooo good.

Class A's gift. Each little paper has good wishes from a student. Like, "I hope everything will be alright for you." or "You are light! You are electricity! You are hot! You looks like an angel! I love you!" (they vary in their enthusiasm)


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  1. Mom says:

    You must bring those wishes home. Between those and the Chinese candy wrappers I have been saving, I see a collage coming on!

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  3. Wombat's Log says:

    […] No machetes this year though. Last year’s birthdayand the year before […]

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