Orchestra concert tonight went well. Although Maria talked and talked and talked about Mozart.
“I think there is no one here who does not know about Mozart. But I’m going to tell you about him for half an hour anyways. He was such a sunny, happy person.”
Oh well, it’s her right as a conductor I guess.
Concert went well, although I hadn’t really eaten anything but a cup of yogurt all day so I wasn’t really at the top of my game. When the concert starts at 2 and lasts two hours, and we have to be there two hours early to essentially play through the whole program, and I have to talk public transportation for an hour and half from where I live, I don’t really have time to eat any meals. But, Tiffany, Emily, Adam and I all went out for SALAD! and Pizza! afterward, so it was totally worth the wait.
I’ve really enjoyed having an orchestra in my life again, and I’m sure I’m going to be really sad tomorrow at my last concert and the subsequent dinner for orchestra members.
I really do love playing music, and I especially like making something beautiful with other people. I think it is so cool that we can have a whole bunch of people from China, America, UK, Australia, Japan, Hungary, Russia, Georgia, Netherlands, and other places I’m probably forgetting,but we all know what to do together when we see music on a page. It’s awesome.

So, this concert will probably mark the end of my time with the BICO. After this concert, we can still meet on Tuesdays to read through chamber music for fun, but I think June might be just too busy (reasons why in a later post). I’ll have to see though.
I like playing music, I really do. I just don’t like practicing in my dorm room here at TIP. When I get home, I’m going to play out of my Ferling book EVERYDAY!!!! (well, maybe not everyday) Oh Ferling, how I miss you. You are definitely coming to Africa with me.
Maybe I’ll even have to look into joining the Cheyenne amateur band, although having heard one of their concerts last summer, I don’t know if I’d be able to handle it.
Tomorrow, a concert, a dinner party. Monday Emily and I leave for Guangxi epic adventure time!


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