So, probably I should finish posting about adventures in Southern China (’cause we definitely had some awesome  ones that haven’t yet been reported), but I feel unsettled tonight and think it might help to bullet point things.

Things that are bothering me right now:

  • This session is shaping up to be the most ridiculous yet. I have a class by myself, which is fine. It’s the highest class, which I did ask for. It’s in an upstairs classroom, which means the desks are immovable basically and options are limited and the room is just generally dirty and I can’t use my classroom on weekends, so that’s unfortunate.  There’s about a billion students here for this month, so that’s just kind of stressful.  I’ll probably have maybe 40 people in my class. bleh. It will be okay, but I feel unprepared. I guess I always feel unprepared at the beginning of session. I want to do things to prepare, but I don’t have enough information to do anything until tomorrow at the earliest.
  • Emily, Tiffany and Adam are all packing up their stuff and getting ready to leave.  This makes me feel like I should be packing too, and makes me feel guilty about not doing it. Also, it’s just plain depressing.
  • I’m losing my partners in crime in about 4 days. As I just told Emily “I don’t want you to go. Actually, I don’t want you to go without me. Actually, I want to go back to America with you.” I don’t know what I’m going to do without that kid. Also Tiffany and Adam. sadface
  • I’m having conflicting feelings about going back to America.  Sometimes I want to be back there, now, but sometimes I just get overwhelmed thinking about all the stuff that has to happen between now and then.
  • Got a letter from the Peace Corps that says I’m missing some bits on my Medical Information Packet. I already knew I was missing that stupid urinalysis, but apparently I’m also missing a G6PD Titer (if anyone has any idea what that is and why it might be important, feel free to share) and proof of my polio vaccination.  Pretty sure I gave them proof of the polio vaccination, but I can’t think of where to dig that out of to check at the moment. Also, all of this is supposed to have happened within six months of the physical exam, which was, at this point, more than six months ago. So… what am I supposed to do? This is all very hard to manage from China; that’s why I’m missing some things in the first place because I was trying to get it all done while I was home for like two weeks for my brother’s wedding in November. sigh. I want to work on it for them, and for my own sanity, but I feel stuck on this. Can I even do anything from here? I think my hands are kind of tied at the moment.
  • I can’t forsee anything interesting or fun happening to me in the near future. I don’t have anything to look forward to at the moment except for the dubious joy of heading back to Americ’, which, I already told you, is a mixed bag of crazy at the moment.
  • I don’t want to start anything new, but I can’t wrap a lot of things up just yet. Stagnating is annoying.
That’s all. Better in the morning? 

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  1. Mom says:

    Always better in the morning! Once you get moving on your class you will be busy but feel more in control. I am always vaguely apprehensive before I teach. You are in charge and you want to do a good job…..your name is attached to it and you want to be proud of what you are doing. I totally understand. I applaud you for sticking with it and you will see your Seattle friends soon. Don’t worry about being bored in Wyoming…lots to do and enjoy!
    I keep you in my thoughts and prayers everyday
    Love Mom

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