So, this pack of rascals has been keeping me really busy lately.  Sorry for the lack of blog posts.  We have over 300 students this session and only something like 15 facilitators. I asked for the “high” class this session, and boy did I ever get it.  Forty-nine extremely opinionated relatively young and affluent teachers, plus a business lady from Shanghai, and a 13 year old whose family is moving to Canada.

We’ve been having lots of fun everyday (besides the being busy to death).  They seem to enjoy my class even though they complain about all of the large group classes being too boring.  So I like to make our class time challenging.  I made them all write limericks the other day, which was, as always, hilarious. But actually, the resulting poems were much better than they usually are.

Here’s a few:

There was a boy before long time
who like eating a green sour lime
loved a girl when they met
talked with her on the net
both of them liked watching a mime.


There once was a boy from my dream
whose favourite is tasty ice cream
I often missed him at night
his smile likes sunshine bright
Now our love flows like a gentle stream


There was once a foolish scientist
who met a girl in the mist
he was touched by her charm
he hugged her with his arm
she said he could be on her list.

We’re getting towards the end of things with this class though; the point were they start teaching and I start listening. So that’s good.  I’m still working practically all day (8-10, 12-12:30, 3-4, 4-5, 5-6, 6-6:30, 7-8 today) but hey.  At least it’s my last session and I really don’t have anything else to devote my time to.  Except for packing and cleaning.

Anyways, we’re at 8 days, 17 hours, 9 minutes, 49 seconds here until I leave the country.

Ask me how my packing is going. Just ask me.


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  1. Mom says:

    How is your packing going PiP? I am sending your phone off today.

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