Since I’m teaching alone this session, I realize that I usually read snippets of journals to whoever I’m teaching with. But I can’t do that this session (miss you Emily). So here’s Daisy on an experience she had lately:

“Today a terrible and funny thing occured to me. Before dinner, I went to the toilet in the reading building. When I went out, I found that the door is locked. Oh, my god. What should I do? I can’t get out of the building. I was so frighted, I just wonder what if I couldn’t get out of the building tonight. My roomates and classmates can’t find me, and I wouldn’t take my cellphone. Oh, terrible. Suddenly I see Julie, my classmate, through the window. I asked her for help. She found Karen and opened the door. I was rescued at last.”

More later!

ETA: here’s another good one from Annie, a diamante poem.

strong, smart
frightening, catching, sharing
eyes, wool, meat, grass
listening, escaping, struggling
soft, weak

Echo: Weekends have much freedom than weekdays, but I miss Pip and Pip club!


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