Well, here we are.  The last day is over and I’ll never see any of you again.  Thanks so much for the memories, and thanks for making my last class quite possibly my best class.

Definitely had the highest proportion of people crying during the last day this session than ever before, and though sometimes I felt as though I wanted to join them, I did not cry.  That would have only made things worse.

For the last journal last Thursday, I gave them the journal prompt of “Since this is your last journal, write anything you want me to know.” A lot of them wrote such sweet and touching letters about what a good time they had at TIP (even though it was hard at times) and how glad they were to have been in my class.

Yesterday while we were doing some wrapping up stuff, signing each others encouragement cards, my class monitor comes up to my desk and asks “Hey, can I use your computer?” I’m like “whatever” and then he comes up again after everyone is leaving for the closing ceremony and he says: “I left something for you on your computer. We made a video to say thank you, since we’re not allowed to get a gift, so we made this video instead.” The video is adorable.

This, this is the feeling that makes teaching worthwhile.  This growing up and moving on, finishing and starting, remembering and planning for the future.  I can’t imagine how strong it would be if I had had these same guys for a whole year.

I feel really happy to be done with my time here at TIP.  I’ve had a blast, but I’m definitely ready to go home and start the next chapter of my life. But, at the same time, I’ve met so many awesome people that I’ve only just barely had the chance to meet. It’s always really cool and yet kind of sad to find out on speech day that one of your students has really great English skills, and a fascinating life, but got a little lost in the sauce of having 51 students and only 20 days.

In the words of my super awesome class monitor Vincent who, after writing another page and a half of sweet things, says:

I don’t know when I began to be so sensitive or whatever… Maybe because most of us can never have the chance to reunite. Especially you. Once you leave China and return to America or go to Africa, chances for us to have a get-together are few.
You’re a nice and a super girl . Hope you can remember me after you leave China and keep in touch with each other. Best wishes to you dear Pip.
Your student and friend Vincent. 

Well. I’m off to go write nice emails to some of my former teachers.


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  1. Mom says:

    Write those notes to your teacher….now you know how important they were to your life.

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