Well, I’m in the airport at Seoul at the moment, with a five hour layover that’s almost finished.


  • Got up at 6:45 and finished cleaning my room.
  • Said goodbye to the small store lady, and gave her a hug!
  • Hopped my taxi and drove to the airport with the chattiest cabby I’ve ever had (Hello! Are you sleeping? [not anymore…])
  • Arrived at the airport and got switched to an earlier flight that didn’t have the weird transferring airports in Korea problem (sweet!)
  • Helped Carol haul her nine carry-on items ranging in size from a fanny pack to a roll of giant decorative fans around the Beijing airport and onto the plane.
  • Flew on a plane where I was simultaneously kicked in the back by a small screaming child and listened to his even smaller, screaming brother, was also treated as a plaything by the small child in front of us, and was talked at by Carol for the whole flight.
  • Helped Carol schlep all her baggage around Incheon airport.
  • Change my RMB for for USD
  • Gave Carol a hug and bid her
  • Watched a short Korean traditional music concert. (Incheon airport is cool like that)
  • Have since been using the free wifi here (Icheon airport is super cool)
  • Changed the header and tagline on my blog to reflect my new, not living in China status.
  • Also, hearing the announcements at the airport in Korea, English and Chinese has made me realize that I’m really not tooooo shabby at Chinese. At least compared to my Korean skills. ha.
  • Oh, and last night I gave Nathan a hug, whether he liked it or not. haha!
Korea… not too bad. But, on to Seattle!  Emily in the morning!

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  1. Mom says:

    Good to hear your progress!

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