Although, we did have a massive hail storm last week that resulted in golf ball sized hail, flooding, and thousands of dollars of damage to our house! How's that for excitement?

Well, I’m back home in the Wyome, so blog posts will probably be few and far between here. Not that nothing exciting ever happens here in Wyoming, but it’s more day to day exciting, like reading countless library books, and not crazy exciting like wandering around a strange city for hours.

The first thing I did (actually it was on the drive back from Jeanette and Brian’s house in Denver) was to make a list of 29 (so far) major goals to accomplish this summer.  I then proceeded to buy a little weekly planner to write stuff down in (I couldn’t resist! It was too cute).

Here are some that I’ve made headway on:

1) Get Peace Corps stuff squared away, including finishing my two remaining medical tests, updating dental records for that cavity that I had filled don’t actually have, and hoping that the process everything quickly.  I’ve sent in my stuff Peace Corps, get on the ball and tell me where I’m going! (please?)

2) Read books. Check

5) Bra and pantie shopping.  We actually went to a Victoria Secret for the first time (for me). We didn’t buy anything, but we did find our stuff elsewhere.  Which is good.  Did you know I practically wore the same bra everyday for almost a year in China and probably only washed it maybe three times? Grody!

6) Practice oboe. I’ve been much better about this, and have practice nearly everyday except for the weekend when Laura was here, because that’s how I roll.

Here's the baby sweater so far! So much fun! So quick to knit!

9) Learn to prepare the Alpaca fleeces that we have downstairs. I went to the Prairie Wind spinning circle Saturday and had a talk with… Rhonda? She suggests I “flick” the locks, as it were, which is only slightly less tedious than what I was doing, although considering I only just have the drop spindle, it’s going to take awhile to get a finished product. (take fleece with me on next adventure?)

10) Knit baby sweater. This one is not the one that number 10 refers to, it is, however, a baby sweater.  The child in question for number 10 is already born, and more of a pinky, princessy child rather than the grey-scale baby that I will probably have one day. Luckily there are two more family babies already in the works! One of them must be cool and able to pull of grey. must be. Anyways, I’m enjoying the knitting, and using stash yarn, so whatever.

Please excuse the poor quality, late night picture. I'll make better pictures when I finish the next few steps. Just wanted to see how it all looks together without spending hours in front of a mirror. Now I can spend hours in front of my computer instead!

11) Dragon*Con costume.  You saw it here first! Steampunk Mulan.  Still needs more shiny bits. I’m thinking of knitting a dragon out of wire? and getting a super awesome undershirt and and! oh, any number of things. Here’s the costume as it stands at the moment.

13) Re-henna.  Had an excellent rehennaing. Excellent.  Henna and yogurt is where it’s at.

16) Dentist. Thought I had a cavity in one of my teeth, due to the seldom, but painful feelings of tiny ice knifes shooting through my teeth and into my brain. The good news is that I don’t have a cavity, the bad news is that the dentist doesn’t actually know what the problem is, except that there is a problem, and that it might be a crack in my tooth.  But there’s basically nothing he could do except give up on the tooth, grind it down to a nub, and give it a crown. Which would suck. So, better brushing habits and more fluoride in the meantime.

21) Ride bikes.  We’ve been doing this a lot. Unfortunately the bike that my dad was like, it’ll be perfect! is much too big and I’m riding my moms, which is only rather too big.

Midnight Showing + costumes!

22) Visit Laura. Actually got a visit from Laura, which means I had to do less work. We watched Harry Potter. It was fun!

23) Eat delicious America food. Check.

26) Calendar for scheduling. Check

29) File important papers.  I’m working on it, but it’s so boring! It’s coming along, slowly.



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  1. What fascinates me is how BRIGHTLY COLORED all your America photos are compared to your China pictures. Even with American city pictures, and the really pretty Chinese gardens and countryside, I feel like all your AMURICAN photos are so much more…vibrant. (I’m not biased at all, though.)

  2. abbyinthebox says:

    No, you’re not biased. You’re totally right.
    The moment I got off the plane and in to Seattle, it was like someone had turned the saturation up on the world.

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