We’ve arrived! I’m here in the Hotel Caribe 76 in Barranquilla, Colombia. Unfortunately I can’t connect to the internet right now, so I’m just going to type into empty space.

We got up at four in the morning today, as I mentioned earlier, and arrived at the Miami airport not only well before the sun was up, but also well before our flight was slated to leave (9:50 am). We flew to Panama and got off at the Panama City airport, where we had to go through immigration, and out to the front desk to get our boarding passes, and then back through security and back to the gate where we were about an hour before. eh. Such is traveling.

Finally, at about 5:00, we arrived in Barranquilla, and our Country Director and some other Peace Corps guy were there to meet us! Swanky! We got our bags and went outside, where there were some more Peace Corps people hanging around outside with a poster with all of our names on it. We the achieved the hotel and dinner, and met some more people!

Tomorrow will be Spanish language interviews (in which I plan to tell them that I only speak Francés) and more vaccinations (possibly) and other fun things, I’m sure.

I’m really liking getting to know the other 22 Colombia volunteers. Everyone has such interesting backgrounds and travel experiences. Two of the people were teaching in Korea last year, a lot of people have traveled in Central America, and I was even talking to one person about her time spent teaching in a school in Nepal for Tibetan monks. So, things are going well.

Day two update:

Spanish interviews were kind of depressing. I just shrugged a lot and then covered my face in shame. Whatever.
Then we had classes and stuff.
Then we explored our surrounding neighborhood. Now I feel like I’m in Colombia!
And…. I’ve connected to the internet. Sweetpants!


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  1. Mom says:

    What a nice reception! Glad things are going well. You are going to do great in Spanish!
    Love Mom

  2. LILLIAN says:

    Sweetpants indeed! I hope you have an amazing time in Colombia. How long will you be there? We’ll all be missing you (still) in America. Oh, by the way, I never got around to mailing you the postcards from my trip (BAD LILLIAN) so I might scan yours and email them to you. I’ll mail the real thing to your parents’ so you’ll have a present from me when you get back. 🙂 LOVE YOU, ABBERS!

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