It’s not even six o’clock and I’m already facebook friends with my host sister!
Yup, my host family has wifi. Apparently only two host families have wifi, so I kind of lucked out.  Though I feel like I might be a cheater-pants. Oh well. I think all the other trainees in my neighborhood are probably going to want to hang out at my house all the time. Party!
When we got our assignments this morning, I read on my paper that my family was just a couple in their thirties, which sounded like it might be a little boring. But, they have two girls, one little and one medium. I think, however, the girls live with their grandma. So that’s actually the best cause I get to see them, but I don’t have to see them alllll the time. Hurrah!
My host mom is a journalist, but I don’t know what my host father does. My host mom speaks English conversationally, but she’s only going to talk to me in Spanish.  My host sister goes to a bilingual school, so her mom keeps warning her off speaking English with me. I think we will have a good time.
I think we’re going to eat green banana with cheese and butter tonight, but possibly I got that wrong.

Pictures tomorrow of my little room and the view from our balcony. Well, it’ll probably be our front balcony. I’m pretty sure our back balcony doesn’t really have much of a view.

Also on the agenda for tomorrow is that our Language and Culture Facilitator Carlos is going to be popping in. Then we’re going to have lunch in our barrio and explore a little. So that should be fun.


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  1. Mom says:

    Well I am entirely thankful that you have internet connection! I love hearing about your adventures and that you are doing well. News on the home front…we met our new neighbors behind us and he is a Spanish teacher. So when you come to visit you can converse with him. They are a young couple so the prospect of a baby in the neighborhood at some point is good!
    Wes and Abby were asking after you.
    Love you

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