Things are going well. Training is going well. Spanish is… coming along? My host family is great. Life is good. Even the weather is good. Except that sometimes there are flash floods and it’s generally raining all the time. But I think that the rain is keeping things cooler. Which is nice.
Exciting things from this week. hmmm… Today when I was waiting for the bus, it was beimg super super slow and late so when one finally came ten minutes later, i got to jump on a very full bus. And I got to ride hanging out the door for a couple blocks. It was… Fun.
We got Spanish books the other day. five of them. to carry home on the bus.
In fact, most of my adventures seem to happen on the buses of Barranquilla.
Since tomorrow is Saturday, we get to have classes at someone’s house from our group. And it’s going to be at my house! Yesterday my host mom came to my room and produced a two foot squarish whiteboard from seemingly nowhere, I mean, I knew we were getting one, but I was still surprised. Que chevere!
Maybe I’ll do something exciting this weekend. I’ve been so tired that I haven’t left the house much. I get up at six thirty (yes six thirty, mom) so I can get ready and catch the bus at seven fifteen to get to the training center at eight. But it hasn’t really been a hardship as I’ve pretty much been going to bed at, like, nine. eh. At least I can have a sleep in tomorrow as classes are coming to me in the morning. I kind of feel like I should bake cookies or soething… nah. too lazy.
Please excuse any spelling errors. blogging from my kindle is just not the same.


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  1. Mom says:

    I like your cookie baking sentiment even though it didn’t happen! I think I need to send you the Mexican Chocolate recipe so you will be ready when the mood hits!

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