Where to start? I think yesterday must be when these current feelings of slight euphoria started.
Yesterday I had the house to myself for a few hours when I got home, and I wasn’t as super tired as I usually am when I get home, so used my free time profitably in practicing my oboe. My first notes on the South American continent were from Benjamin Britten’s Metamorphoses. Well technically the frst notes were scales followed by Ferling etudes, but really who cares about that stuff. And then I played more music on my uke and really I feel so much happier. Sometimes if you don’t let the music out, you feel like you’re going to explode or something, you know? Maybe it’s just me. Music is like my yoga or something. I feel centered, if you will.
Further, when I got on the bus this morning, there was an open seat for me! Wonderful!
The main event today, however, was the school visits we made for the national bilingualism week.
We had heard conflicting reports on what we would be expected to do at the schools, everything from “there will be two of you in front of the entire school and you will need to entertain rowdy children for two hours” to “you’ll probably only need to introduce yourselves. Or the class will be small or something. Just wing it, it’ll be awesome.”
Unsurprisingly, we were taken by surprise when we arrived. The four of us plus our Peace Corps staff friend who knew where the school was and important details like that, arrived at the school a little behind schedule. We were then greeted by a happy welcome sign, four dancing twelve year olds, a band, and the noise of hundreds of excited childrem drifting from further along in the patio. It turned out that the whole school was there to see us, from high schooles all the way down to the tiniest little kindergarteners, all in adorable uniforms. The kids, from first graders on up to high schoolers presented readings in English on Barranquillan history, songs and dances, carnival costumes, and traditional food for us to sample, as well as little beaded “Colombia” bracelts. So much awesome. I felt like a visiting diplomat or something. It was jut wonderful, right down to the tiny, hand-drawn “We love Peace Corps!” sign hanging on an out of the way wall.
At one point, four of the young people wer dancing cumbia and periodically the two boys would come over to our table amd gesture at us to join them in the dance. The first timeI was like haha, no. The second time I was like oh, if only I were wearing a skirt. The third time I was like. Okay yeah I’mma dance. And then all of us daned a little in front of the whole school. Excellente! Then we split off with the high schoolers to do some slightly more complicated things. We talked about where we were from and did a jazz chant about all of our states. Here in Georgia way down low, peaches, peanuts, and cotton grow. And we did some activities. We asked some questions in Spanish such s why the bus system is so whack, and how to dance better. And then we did yoga.
It was all pretty wonderful. Wonderful, I say. And I think the students had a good time, although it was raining for awhile there and the little ones were getting a little rowdy. But, I’m really glad we hd the chance to go into a school like this. It really reaffirmed my desire to be here. I can now think of a time beyond the dail grind of training, when I’ll have the chance to work ina school like this. I’m very pumped up now.
Alright the last excitment. I actually maaged to string together some halfway coherent sentences about what i did today, what we’re doing this weekend, and about the possible going out of town for volunteer visits next week. Yay!
And for real for finally, my host mom says we might go to Caragena some weekend in the near future!


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  1. Mom says:

    So glad you had a great experience at the school and yes, never forget to let art flow from your inner self…yoga for the soul! Off to Zumba…need to keep my dancing chops up for Colombia!

  2. LILLIAN says:

    Hooray! Sounds awesome. It’s freeeeeezing up here in NY, so I sorta wish I was with you right now. What am I talking about? OF COURSE I WISH I WAS WITH YOU. Duh. Are you gonna be tetralingual (is that the word for it? quadralingual?) by the end of this? We should Skype with our ukes! I’m LilyLou27. alzdljasdfsajd

    • abbyinthebox says:

      Sweet pants! Skyping would be awesome. I’ll add you soon as I remember to. Also you can visit sometime after like, April if you like. And I prefer the term “polyglot.”

  3. Tiffany says:

    This is awesome! I’m so excited for you and to hear more about your adventures. You should send me your address when you get a chance. Love ya!

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